Cinnamon #3

Hello again!

Fall is on it’s way, scarfs aren’t only worn as fashion statement any more. Daytime get’s shorter, time to change clothes, colours, decor and  recipes! All great recipes that weren’t convenient till now – seasonwise and due to summerly temperatures – are waiting to be turned into delicious meals and cakes.

During the weekend I tried to make cinnamon rolls scandinavian style.The dough didn’t expand as expected – I guess I will have to try it again sometime – but these cute, almost roll-shaped rolls tasted great, even a little bit crunchy. Are they supposed to? 😉


So, what’s next?
My love’s birthday is coming up this week – big party on the weekend – and I intend to spoil the birthday „boy“ and our guests cakewise. Already found some nice recipes, and as so often there are too many choices… What do you suggest? Apple tart? Brownies? Banoffee pie?



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