apple crumble for sick bay


Almost one week flew by. Fall came over the land, together with its ups and downs. We enjoyed the gentle autumn sun while hiking a world heritage path through Wachau, a famous wine-growing district in Austria. The grape harvest hadn’t really started yet, so we were able to walk through rich and prosper vineyards – beautiful!

Click here to read more about the path – it’s absolutely worth to do a walk-on.

Later that week the temperatures fell, during the nights they dropped almost around the freezing point. brrrr! So, although we walked our winter’s clothes for the first time this year, the cold wind did its best to make us catch a cold… Actually, I’m not sick yet, maybe I can avoid it. My better half on the other hand turned into a poor, sniffing patient.

But enough of this, I owe you some more pictures of the birthday cake. We made a huge hot buffet for our friends – bud&terence lentil stew à la guerilla bakery, lasagne, and meetballs with caramelised carots aside, and and and… YUMM!

As dessert, I made to different kinds of the birthday boy’s favourite apple pies with nice sourish apples from the farmers‘ market. One Apple crumble after a Donny Hay recipe and one Apple Pie. The result? see for yourself! Because of the party preparations I did’nt have time to take pictures in peace yesterday, so I caught that up at breakfast time today – hence the coffee mugs.


Well, for now I’ll have to find a way to continue preparing those delicacies (…ok, eating)  AND maintaining healthy. Seems to be a bit of a challenge considering my weaker self right now.

Have a nice rest of a weekend and a good start tomorrow




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