Autumn joys!

Due to wonderful autumn weather I decided to skip baking last weekend and enjoy the mild weather and autumn colours. I really love this time of the year! I wanted to collect some leafs and other decor stuff, so I went for a walk. Well, I went from park to park and after a few hours I found myself on plateau over the Vienna Woods – stunning view on the city included.

For this week’s treats, I was inspired by the enthusistic story on Italian Food by my friend D.. She was absolutely crazy about Italian pasta and antipasti prepared by an Italian nonna, somewhere out in the sticks. It sounded so wonderful that I wanted to bring that feeling home. Not in the mood to prepare sophisticated dinner, I decided to go for dessert: cantucchini! Great choice, easy to bake…. Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of cantucchini before – no poppy seeds, no cinnamon, no chocolate, no fruits – I was in the mood to try something new. And it paid off – two hours later, our home was scented by sweet almonds 🙂 The taste of hot, freshly out-of-the-oven-cantucchini is is really nice. Try it together with a cup of Chai Latte!



Currently I feel the urge to take long walks to seize the last mild and sunny days of the year. Collecting sunbeams and bits of energy to save it for the dark season. So, today I went for a walk in a different region of the Vienna Woods. Dancing leafs, warm sunlight, golden vineyards and finally „Sturm“. Searching for a translation for „Sturm“, I learned that it can be called „Federweisser“ or „Roter Sauser“ too, but I didn’t find a proper translation … fermenting grape juice propably? It’s an Austrian speciality, a pre-stage of wine, only available for a few weeks in autumn. Yumm, Sturm!


Have a nice weekend!




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