How to start into the New Year? With good friends and good food!

Dear all,

don’t you think that times passes by really fast? Another year is almost over. A good and really exciting year, lots of thinking and doing outside the box. I am not a big fan of of retrospects and prospects on specific occasions because life is a continuous process of changing and re-evalutating who and where we are and who or how we want to be. It doesn’t need a certain date to come to the idea „OMG, I need another job“ or „damn, I need to lose weight“ or something like that.
On the other hand change and positive energy is in the air, people are motivated and show it 🙂 It’s a good time to spend New Year’s with friends, sharing good mood (and of course food). For tonight’s party I was asked to bring dessert, I made these lucious raspberry brownies again. Please *** click here *** for the recipe I posted a little while ago.



Have a nice evening, a good start into the new year and see you soon!

– Julz


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