Spring: A Perfect Time for Change

I haven’t been around much lately.
I have been thinking about this post for a long time and now I am finally writing it. Why it took me so long? Because it is rather personal and writing it makes me reflecting my last 10 months (again). A lot of change has happened until now, a big part of it in our heads and hearts. We also already took some very important steps and D. and I are currently working up to the biggest step so far (at least the most challenging on a logistical level). But one at a time and a little less cryptic:

About 10 months ago, D. and I faced the fact that we have changed, our needs have changed and some adaptions were necessary. Sometimes, that kind of realisation is kinda hard, especially if you have got accommodated to certains customs and habits, a town, a job. It takes a good mix of attitudes and priorities to be happy and a re-mix, if one of the ingredients gets poor. Then it’s time to be honest – and also to be brave – to search for the poor ingredient and change it. In our case our quality of life had been decreasing due to a very demanding job.

So we were up to a change in job. What? Where? How? „What“ was quite clear, but „where“ was a much bigger question. It isn’t easy to find a good job as a young doctor ( as is D.) if you don’t want to spend most part of your days and nights too in a hospital and want to have a longtime job-perspective, too. Since we weren’t very likely to find such a job in Vienna, we reconsidered where we would want to spend our future. Since D. comes from a lovely province (about 700 kilometres west from here) and we talked about it moving there in a couple of years, we speeded up our longtime plan. At first it was only a thought that had togrow siletny, and we weren’t able to talk about it yet. I guess it’s very similar to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (without the morning sickness) when you are eager to share your secret but have to wait and keep your mouth shut.

With time our idea took form. With the perspective of regaining our quality of life, we started preparing for moving, finding new jobs and the fully panoply of it. And we are almost done (haha)! Right now, I am sitting between a pile of moving boxes (and yes, in my generation the internet ist one of the last things turned off and first things installed 😉 and taking a break from packing. My cook books, baking tins and my kitchen machine is already boxed, so my next cake will be made in a new oven, 700km in the west 🙂

Right now I am eager to move, making an end to many, many goodbyes from loved ones, friends and collegues. And of course, the city! Good bye to my favourite places, our apartment. So many good byes are hard, but I am also happy to leave some things (and people) behind. In seven days I am going to say hello to so many more wonderful ideas, perspectives, a lovely new apartment, friends and most important: our future together.

carrot cake

In the meantime, enjoy spring! A few delicious recipes for spring and easter are coming soon! 🙂




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